Youth Driven and Trauma Focused Services

Three Rivers Treatment Center believes that the youth can drive their treatment with the support and guidance of our qualified professionals and their families support. We offer treatment that focuses on sustainable change and healthy balance living.

Our Mission


Create a safe space in all I do.
Act with urgency and integrity.
Never give up.

Generate healthy and positive sustainable change.
Reach residents, family and communities through trauma informed care.
Outperform industry and community expectations.
While growing ourselves.

Our Difference

We truly practice trauma informed care through evidence based therapy including EMDR.  We provide life skills training through horticulture, culinary arts programs, leadership training with our youth advisory counsel and supervised industrial arts projects and repairs.

How We Do It

We encourage our residents to be in contact with their families from the first day of treatment. Family is more than just one’s biological parents, family is a healthy support system which include parents, siblings, and fictive kin.  Family and community supports are integral to the successful discharge of residents to their communities.  Weekly family therapy sessions, daily phone calls, visits home are all expectations of treatment.

Treatment at Three Rivers Treatment Center is not aimed at curing or fixing anyone.  Our residents are only visiting us for a short time to stabilize symptoms, grow critical skills and return to their family and community as soon as possible.  

As a last resort, physical restraint may be used to prevent  harm to self and others.  It is seen as a treatment failure and opportunity to review the resident and family needs.